Haskap Berries are power-packed with medicinal ingredients and they taste great!
Haskap is the newest superberry in the market place, even though this plant has been growing in Canada since the 1960’s. Also known as Blue Honeysuckle in Japan it is said to be “the fruit of longevity and fruit of vision". The Haskap varieties grown at Haskap Farms are a cross of Japanese and Russian plants developed through the University of Saskatchewan fruit breeding program. On the surface this berry has the colour of a blueberry and is oval in shape. The inside flesh of the berry is a rich maroon colour. The skin is very delicate and the seeds are tiny giving the fruit a "melt-in-your-mouth" quality. It's tart flavour is clean and refreshing. Haskap berries can be enjoyed fresh off the bush or frozen - perfect for desert toppings, smoothies, jams or juice.


Haskap Farms Ltd
The New Super Berry! Haskap berries are power-packed with medicinal ingredients and they taste great! Their unique tangy fruit flavour includes hints of raspberry, blueberry and black currant. 3 X more phenol content than blueberries Higher vitamin C content than oranges
Look for us in 2018! Contact us in early June to pre-order fresh berries. info@haskapfarms.com
Haskaps have high lefels of antioxidants and phenol content
Haskaps growing in the Okanagan Valley
Health Benefits of Haskap Haskaps have high levels of antioxidants and phenol content with low levels of ascorbic acid. What does this mean to you? Read more.... Who are we? Haskap Farms Ltd is a family run Haskap Berry farm in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Our family has been members of the fruit and vegetable farming community in Kelowna for over 50 years. Read more....
Haskap Berries Now Growing in the Okanagan Valley, Canada!

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